Add your own trails to OpenStreetMaps

As a follow up to my previous blog entry on saving tracks with a Garmin Oregon GPS I have made a new Instructable on how to add trails to OpenStreetMaps from your saved GPS tracks.  It will take you through creating an account on OSM, some of the basic terms used and also has a […]

Save a track from your Garmin Oregon GPS

When I’m in the great outdoors I usually take my GPS with me.  I usually keep a track of where I’ve been and then save them back to my Windows PC.  The two main reasons are so that I can view where I’ve been in Google Earth and also to use the track to add […]

Replace the touchscreen on a Garmin Oregon for $20

Over time my Garmin Oregon’s touch screen managed to get a few nicks and scratches, which I mostly ignored. Then I dropped the unit and put a fairly big scrape in the touchscreen. Recently I discovered that this screen can be purchased for $20 and replaced at home in about 30 minutes. Here is an […]

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