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I have use of a family cabin in the BC Interior. Though it’s 1/2 hour from Kamloops we are fortunate to have phone and high speed Internet service at the location. Often when we are up there we need to call back to Vancouver – and it’s worse when I host a guys weekend at the cabin and all the guys need to check-in with their wives back home. How to do this without paying long distance charges? The solution – a Vancouver phone number at the cabin using VoIP technology and service from a company called

I first setup the service and a “soft phone” on a PC and later added a device from Obihai and with the service from I am able to have a Vancouver phone at the cabin with no monthly or recurring costs. What’s great about the Obihai device is, from Vancouver I can call the device, take control of it and call out via the regular 250 phone line – so I can call the Kamloops area for free from my Vancouver phone. I purchased and setup a second device and it sits in Auckland, New Zealand at a family members house. Now I can call Auckland for free and my family in New Zealand can call Vancouver (and many other cities in Canada) for free.

I have recently published part 1 or a 2 part Instructable which takes you through the setup of a “soft phone” on your PC or Mac using I am working on a second Instructable which will take you through setting up an Obihai device so you can use a regular phone and not be tied to your PC.

Note: I am NOT employed or have any affiliation with the companies or products mentioned in this post, I do not get any financial or other compensation from them either

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